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Sunny ol’ Williamstown

Gorgeous day for a photoshoot with Derek Swalwell at our Osborne Street project.

We are very excited to have this project featured in a leading Australian publication, but for now its all hush hush.

Publication details to be released soon.




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Digital Marketing for Design Professionals

Julie-Anne Smith was a presenter at the BDAV Seminar on Digital Marketing for Design Professionals. Speaking about her experiences in mananaging Dig Design’s social media presence, Julie-Anne shared her insights and advice.

It was a very successful evening with the seminar being highly praised by those who attended.

“The whole event was of a uniformly high standard.  All presenters provided really useful, understandable, accessible, quality information.”

“Very impressed with the main presenters, all hit the mark.  The three main presenters articulated with passion and enthusiasm, I came away motivated.”

“Excellemt insight into the current way of marketing design servies.”

DVDs of the seminar are available for purchase via the BDAV, click on the logo below to access the store.




Dig Design | www.digdesign.net.au

Sacred Spaces

Airing on Channel 31, Sacred Spaces is a show dedicated to “Melbourne’s finest architects talking about their favorite spots in the city. Their sacred spaces.”
This episode features our very own Lindsay Douglas taking about his love of the Sun Theatre in Yarraville,
one of Melbourne’s fabulous Art Deco cinemas.

Originally airing 07.04.2014, you can watch the episode on YouTube, click HERE.