Business As Usual …

Behind the scenes here at Dig Design it’s business as usual.

We will continue to make your architectural dreams come true, working remotely from home if it comes to that.
We’re ready to go with Zoom for online meetings and invite people to connect with us digitally and over the phone.

There’s nothing we can’t overcome if we work together.

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Mr President

We are super proud to announce that Dig Design’s Lindsay Douglas has been appointed President of the BDAV, for a two year term!!

Congratulations Lindsay, we think you’re awesome!!

#mrpresident #veryimportantperson #getyourpeopletospeaktohispeople



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Dig at Golf

The team at Dig Design have a new office obsession …

G O L F !!

Lessons, driving range practice, games … and probably a bit too much youtube-ing 😉

Continuing our love of connecting with our local community and supporting at a grass roots level, Dig Design proudly sponsors Altona Lakes Golf.

You’ll even see us there most morning before work.



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The Things You Find

A night out at the movies with the family, and what do we find in the adjacent book shop?

A book about Maton Guitars.

Maton are Australia’s premium guitar manufacturer, and the design of their current headquarters in an interwar chemical factory was Dig Design’s first project!!

Thanks to Linda and Neville Kitchen for having faith in us all those years ago.



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Six Steps to Restyling the Office

We decided it was time we restyled our Docklands office.  We were after a space that reflected our design style and represented us the way we wanted our clients to see us.

It only takes six steps:

01   “Set the Tone” with new acacia timber desktops

and matte black hairpin legs.

02   “Create Scenery” with birch tree wall stickers.

03   “Revamp Your Meeting Area” awards on show,

new furniture and lighting.

04   “Display Your Wares” with projects on show.

05   “Say Your Words” … and make them count.

… making architectural dreams come true …

… helping our clients create their place in the world …

06   “Brand Your Breakout” create a branded breakout

space for your staff.

And you’re done!!



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2016 BDAV Student Awards

It’s that time of year again … where we judge the BDAV Student Award categories.

As always, Dig Design is impressed with the standard of entries in this year’s awards and congratulates all the entrants.

We spend a day going over in detail all the projects, and here is Gio and Vanessa (a past BDAV Student Award winner) discussing the entries.

Winners to be announced at the BDAV Awards Dinner on the 30th of July.

Good luck everyone and great job!



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Everyone Loves New Stationary!!

Dig Deisgn’s Architecture Team Leader, Lindsay Douglas, has a smile on his face today as his newly designed business cards have arrived.

Now we all want new ones.

Who did the re-design … why little old us of course!!

Matte finish, embossed logo, social media update … what’s not to love!!

If you see Lindsay ask him for one.

Everyone loves new stationary … am I right?